Final Reflection

June 3, 2010

Throughout my years of attendance in K.I.S., there was always something that fascinated me, and that was the natural element of suspense in which the school had consistently provided me with. For the past three years I’ve never entered a class without knowing that something was at stake wether it be my reputation, grade, relationships, etc. This is also known to be the dreadful feeling of stress and worrisome turmoil that every student experiences, and this year was no exception. Although I didn’t take any A.P. classes, leveling up the grades was the hardest task to complete since my curriculum contained extremely high expectations of my grueling teachers. I liked the selection of students that were in my classes, since there was a diverse magnitude of people to work with, it was interesting to see the different aspects of people that I wasn’t close with. In other words, I made more friends and the classes that I was enrolled in not only taught me of the respective material we were supposed to learn of, but also gave me lessons in life and thoughts of wisdom for the near future. As a current sophomore student becoming a junior, I’ve kept some mental notes to keep myself in pace so that I could set goals to achieve a better a social life and maintain a higher GPA.

1. Procrastination: Probably the most infamous word in any high school student’s dictionary of forbidden terms. Some students always complain to the fact that their professors are giving them too much homework, projects, or general material to study. This in turn, results in devastating all-nighters, which turn young, innocent children into zombies the next school day. Although it’s hard to admit, the truth is that most students relax for extended periods of time after school doing irrelevant activities. Soon enough, it’s about 12:00 A.M. before you start doing your first assignment and to make things worse, whilst you are doing your work you have Facebook, Megastic (a video-streaming site), and twitter on multiple tabs of your internet browser. Therefore, I learned that even though it may be tiring, getting the work done right after school without any distraction saves you more time to sleep in order to make you through the next day. Plus, it’s an added incentive when the material you’ve just learned is still fresh in your mind. Of course, I shouldn’t be thought of as an ideal time manager because as I’m writing this, it’s about 3 o’clock in the morning.

2. Organization:  Adventure is just bad planning. During the middle of class some students realize that a homework assignment for another class is due in just a couple minutes time. Some people that I know personally from school are professionals at this. Somehow they manage to finish the work without letting their teachers realize that their students are doing things irrelevant to the material he/she have just taught them. I’ve tried this a couple of times and I’ve screwed myself over not just because the quality of the work was mediocre, but also because the teachers themselves have caught me. Surely I got what I deserved and learned never to do it again unless  lunch hours. This year our advisors didn’t provide us agendas, but it is of grave importance to keep a notebook for keeping track of various things with regards to your school life. Every detail matters. Know when things are due, know the specific requirements, and keep your documents into files. The more organized you are, the more productive you will be.

3. Mentality: The ability for one to execute a task is important. Public speaking is a very threatening thing to do when your mentor advises you to make a presentation about a specific topic. The nervousness that flows inside out screws you up and the next thing you know is that in addition to the low grade your receiving, your peers are laughing at you for the poor performance. Adding insult to injury is 10X more painful than the injury itself, in my opinion. Embarrassment is what people are scared of, and for the past three years, thats all that I’ve been doing to myself. By receiving low marks and having a slimmer range of people to relate to, the self esteem of one would be really low and that would be perilous to the lifestyle in which that person thrives in. So ask yourself, are you thinking in terms of the negative outcomes of an uprising situation, or are you ready to accept new challenges. “Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.” – Bo Bennet.


Lets Play Cards

April 11, 2010

Playing cards. I truly think that playing cards are the pinnacle of all strategy games. The first renditions of boxed cards were developed in Spain and the inscriptions were different from today’s modernized trump cards. Poker, being the oldest form of any card game alive, has manipulated itself throughout the world into multiple variations and has thus incorporated the likes of simple yet useful mathematics, reasoning, and phycological warfare, into the game it has turned into today.


Possible Subscriptions

April 11, 2010

The three blogs that I think are the most interesting among my classmates in English class are Andrew K’s, David K’s, and Hee Jae C’s, simply because all three of them share the common traits to what I think are unique, interesting, and worth subscribing to! All of these blogs have numerous views worldwide, this is because the content of their work is unparalleled to most blogs out there on the internet. In addition to the alluring material they write about, their writing follows the 6-traits we learned in English class. LOL. Their organization and conventions are almost flawless as their information is cut into sections so that it easiest for the audience to read. Unlike some foreigners who are learning the English language and writing blogs, these classmates of mine are near professional for their young age. I don’t mean to sound like a English linguistics critic. What makes their blogs so intriguing is their use of visuals, music, and widgets, available through option. The themes and choice of music are really cool for the most part, and the given widgets on their sites just make it easier to navigate and know things about their work.

You can check them out if my blog is too boring for you to spend your time on.

Andrew K’s (www.drewk12.wordpress.com) blog is focused on the technologic side of the universe. On this site you can find out about the major differences in the two biggest industrializing computer companies, Microsoft and Apple. Alongside the insight to information we’ve never heard of, there are some tutorials that can help people make it through the day without a keyboard ending up on the other side of a monitor. Other than that there are bite size posts of random posts of other subjects such as Manga? Warcraft, HON (Heroes of Newearth) and stuff like that. It’s pretty entertaining. His content is mesmerizing.

David K (www.dinok12.wordpress.com) is a very a diverse personality. His interests in life range from his excelling school career to contemporary world issues in which he strives to find resolutions to. And that is exactly what his blog is focused on. It’s interesting to see the different perspectives of people on the occasions of specific situations. Since I reside in the land of the morning calm, it’s cool to know what’s going on inside of the country in a language that I fluently understand.

HeeJae C’s (www.heejaec12.wordpress.com) blog is entertaining because she mixes views of the relentless rants linked with her ‘only elite’ AP classes that she is currently enrolled in. Since I’m a horrible student in school and should just jump off the cliff of my 58th floor apartment flat, it’s kind of dreamy to see what life is like on the hardships some of the students go through. I try to advocate the easy ways in life but now I have a simulating experience of what it’s like to combine the essential academic studies with the daily hobbies and routines students are involved with.


A Class Worth My Time

April 11, 2010

Although the subject itself may be considered the easiest ‘free A’ class in the curriculum, our activist makes us go through so much turmoil that the results at the end of the school year should show drastic differences in physical appearance and mental state. In P.E. (Physical Education), we started the exercises of typical gym workout routines, kickball, rock climbing, swimming, and etc. Our teacher isn’t just any ordinary “O.K. MAN, NOW DO 500 MORE LAPS AROUND THE FIELD” kind of jerk, but instead also incorporates the fundamentals of the units we practice in his teachings and thus mixes in some useful health lessons as well. Because of this, I see that a class based on the beneficiary of the human structure is vital for us because it’s essential for young students to fluently know the necessities leading to a tranquil life. Since I’ve never worked so hard inside of a class other than P.E., I was able to conclude that we learn different units to provide ourselves appropriate opportunities and experiences to achieve our optimum potential in human anatomy. I’ve come to realize that health and safety in one’s life is about 100000000000X more important that the standardized education regular students receive. I’ve become more gracious of the things I’ve been given and now make the most of it in the times of my existence. I learned that being lazy is just a bad habit that accumulates all of the negative aspects a person can have in order to become a digressing outcast.


EPT Berlin Gets Ocean 11’d LOL.

April 11, 2010

When the final 24 players of the European Poker Tour (EPT) Berlin Main Event met today to play down to the final table, players were ready for action. After a couple of hours, however, the EPT Main Event was paused and players were ordered to leave the room. The tournament was stopped at approximately 2:00pm local time and players were not immediately informed of the reason why, although information has now come to light as to what happened to cause the suspension of play.

Apparently, the Grand Hyatt Hotel’s casino was attacked in an armed robbery while the tournament was in play. An announcement by Kristy Thompson, a spokesperson for the EPT, stated, “An armed robbery by six men took place today at EPT Berlin. Nobody was seriously injured. We hope to restart all events at 4PM local time. A police investigation is underway. If you have video footage or photographs that could help the police, please contact the EPT organizers as soon as possible.” Video of players streaming out of the venue has appeared on YouTube, possibly even showing the attempted robbery as it was occurring.

Other reports outside of the EPT have speculated that the attackers carried various, but unconfirmed, weaponry. One report by German venues stated that the attackers were armed with pump-action shotguns, while witnesses said to another German outlet that the attackers were armed with Soviet era Kalashnikovs semi-automatic assault rifles and hand grenades. Of the various reports, a woman named Claudia Sommerey witnessed the event and stated, “I then went into the hall and saw three masked men, armed with rifles… security tried to keep the men at bay. I heard someone shout, ‘down, down,’ then I (got) under one of the tables. In the hall, there were still sounds of conflict.”

The happenings at the EPT Berlin are almost unheard of in the world of tournament poker. Last year, a Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) event in Mexico, another PokerStars live tournament, was suspended due to conflicts with local police over whether the venue held the proper legal documents. The event picked up its play months later at another LAPT event, but the occurrence of a robbery to suspend play has rarely been seen in tournament poker history.

Although there was about a four-hour delay, play resumed in EPT Berlin with 20 players remaining, although there were disputes as to chip counts and how to continue with play of hands that were in action prior to the disruption. Also suspended for the day were any live online video webcast updates. Nevertheless, by the end of the day, the eight-handed final table was determined.

Here are the chip counts:

1. Kevin MacPhee – 6,070,000 (winner)
2. Ketul Nathwani – 4,685,000
3. Ilari Tahkokallio – 3,940,000
4. Marc Inizan – 3,655,000
5. Marcel Koller – 3,590,000
6. Artur Wasek – 3,530,000
7. Marko Neumann – 2,185,000
8. Nico Behling – 960,000

Here were some of the comments professional players left, regarding the situation

Shaun Deeb: “Wow EPT Berlin got robbed by 6 armed gunman they got close to a mil in euros glad I didn’t go to this one.”

Bodog pro Evelyn Ng: “OMG!! ARMED ROBBERY at EPT Berlin, 6 gunmen take off with $1M in highroller buyins.”

Jon “pokertrip” Friedberg: “Wish I was at EPT during the heist!!! Woulda been a great experience! Glad nobody got hurt.”

Jeff “YellowSub” Williams: “Ept Berlin raided by armed robbers, hope everyone is ok.”

As of now, all suspects of the Berlin robbery have been arrested in attempt to escape the country. Airport security and DEA agents ceased them from boarding their respective flights back to their native countries. All of them are sentenced to several years in prison as a result of abuse to civil rights.

Now that I look back at this, I can’t stop laughing at how much of a failure this milestone has been. 6 random men try to replicate the infamous bank heists that were shown in movies such as Heat, Inside Man, and the Ocean’s series. These people must be missing a chromosome. I have to give it up to the single unarmed security guard who had the guts to make contact with the criminals without getting hurt. He deserves a medal for valor.


Comparison of “Dracula’s Guest” to the Published Version of Stoker’s Work

March 29, 2010

Dracula’s Guest, is a separate manuscript written by Bram Stoker and was released two years after his death. It contains content that is slightly different from the original story of Dracula but is also noted as a deleted scene of the plot. The story is quite similar in the sense that the hidden lines of the synopsis can be related to the original story of dracula as only the setting and characters are changed. In other words, Dracula’s Guest can be seen as an allusion of Dracula. In this piece of work, there are not as much literary devices used because of the lack of detail Stoker uses in this edition of the story. The published version on the other hand is a lot more in depth of the story and explains more.



February 25, 2010
Today, we were asked to review our DOL partner’s one paragraph essay for Dracula by Bram Stoker, based on the topic of gothic literature. Here’s Andrew K.’s product in the form of the original essay and an audiobook podcast.
In Dracula, Bram Stoker uses gothic elements to effectively capture the reader’s attention. Pieces of Gothic literature mesmerizes people with its gloomy, horrifying elements, which is greatly shown in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In his piece of fiction, Stoker uses Gothic elements to effectively capture the reader’s attention. Bram Stoker first introduces buildings from medival era to take audience into “medival times” (29). The audience is brought back to the unfamiliar past by setting up Transylvania as a medival place. Transylvania stands out as a peculiar area; everything is different from other regions. Thus, the audience is kept in this exotic situation which past stays in the present. Count Dracula is extremely noble; where he lives, barbaric. This draws audience’s curiousity to this oxymoronic situation Count Dracula is in. He is “noble…boyar; the common people know [him], and [he is] master,” in the countryside (26). Not only Transylvania seems like an uncivilized place, Count Dracula speaks in antiquated way that no one would speak in Victorian age nor modern days. Therefore, readers are captivated by different  and ironic characteristics Count Dracula has. As a result, Bram Stoker’s Dracula successfully enthralls many readers with its Gothic elements and influences many literatures these days and those yet to come.
Words of wisdom

– There are some minor grammar issues
– Sentence fluency is generally good; transitions are used effectively and enhances the overall piece
– Content and ideas are thorough and clear; more analysis than summary
– Advanced vocabulary is used in the writing as well